Monet and the Impressionists

Year 5

Year 6


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Introduce your Year 5 or Year 6 class to one of the most famous artists of all time with this Monet KS2 Art scheme of work which explores the work of Monet and the Impressionists through a series of six engaging, challenging and creative lessons.

Through these Monet Art lessons, your class will explore what the Impressionist movement was, find out Monet's life and some of most famous works of art, as well as putting their own creative spin on these masterpieces through a variety of Monet art activities, such as recreating his famous 'Haystacks' series.

This Monet KS2 scheme of work contains everything you need in order to deliver outstanding Art lessons to your class. Each lesson comes fully prepared with a lesson plan, a slideshow for the whole-class teaching input, differentiated activity ideas, step-by-step instructions for a variety of Monet Art activities, and a range of printable resources, such as worksheets and picture cards, to support your class as they create their own Monet and the Impressionists artwork!
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