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At PlanBee we understand the pressures of teaching.

We know that every child, and every school, is different. That's why we've designed flexible primary teaching resources. Each lesson plan includes a main activity which is differentiated — usually three ways — for children working at different levels. As well as this, almost every lesson plan also includes an alternative, 'Fancy something different…?', activity.

All PlanBee lessons are ready-to-teach. What do we mean by that? As well as the activities, they come with clear instructions for a teaching input, a list of included resources (any other bits you might need to grab from the store cupboard are listed, too), a suggested plenary activity and some assessment questions. Not only that, but all PlanBee lessons come with a slideshow presentation! Most come with a range of printable primary resources, too – that's (almost!) everything you need to successfully deliver a fresh learning experience… without spending hours on planning!

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