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And now, PLATINUM all-access membership, too!

Updated 11th February 2019. To jump straight to details of new Platinum memberships, click here.

PlanBee MembershipA while ago, we asked you to tell us what you wanted to see at Hundreds of you responded to our survey and gave us loads of ideas for new resources and new features. One of the things many of you asked for was a membership plan. We thought that was a great idea, so we’ve done it! Now, you can join PlanBee for free (as it’s always been), then you can choose to upgrade to a Bronze, Silver or Gold membership at any time. Each of these one-off payment (they don't renew automatically, you'll be pleased to hear!) memberships offers fantastic benefits and discounts, and they’re priced to suit a range of budgets. Let’s take a closer look…

Comparing Memberships

Pay As You Go

If you’re a PlanBee member already, your membership won’t have changed, and you’ll continue to enjoy all the features of this standard, free membership that all new and existing members start with.

Key Features:

  • Join in seconds, for free
  • Immediately access hundreds of free resources, including complete lessons and mini-schemes of work
  • Pay only for the premium resources you want



Amazing value at just £9.99 for a whole year, this membership is perfect if you’re looking to save immediately on a whole scheme of work (we call them Complete Series).

Key Features:

  • £9.99 for one year’s membership (does not automatically renew)
  • One free Complete Series worth £7-£14.50
  • 10% off all* resources (*apart from Curriculum Packs)

So, you can see: Even if you’re only planning to buy one scheme of work you could immediately save! Many schemes of work are worth ten pounds or more, so we think buying Bronze should be a no-brainer – especially with all-year discounts should you choose to buy anything else!



At £29.99 for a whole year, Silver membership is amazing value for teachers who plan to get several time-saving schemes of work. It comes with a fantastic discount, too:

Key Features:

  • £29.99 for one year’s membership (does not automatically renew)
  • Three free Complete Series worth £7-£14.50
  • 30% off all* resources (*apart from Curriculum Packs)

Silver members buying three schemes of work could immediately save up to £13.51 compared to buying them with a Pay As You Go membership.



We’re really pleased to offer you this incredible membership deal. It’s £99.99 for a year, and you get a whopping TEN schemes of work included! It gets even better, though – when you see the huge discounts you get on EVERY PlanBee resource:

Key Features:

  • £99.99 for one year’s membership (does not automatically renew)
  • Ten free Complete Series worth £7-£14.50
  • 50% off ALL resources, INCLUDING Curriculum Packs!

With huge savings on Curriculum Packs, too, Gold membership is ideal if you’re buying in bulk for your school, or just love to save time with PlanBee resources all-year-round.


How do I get Bronze, Silver or Gold membership?

We’ve made it quick and easy. Here’s a few things you should know:

  • You can select a membership right here:


You'll then be able to upgrade to Bronze, Silver or Gold straight away. You can create a new PlanBee account during the checkout process, or log in to an existing PlanBee account to upgrade it.

  • Check your basket. We recommend that you don’t buy anything else at the same time as your membership, as the discounts and benefits only apply to orders made after you’ve bought it. Remove any other products you have in your basket, then checkout with your chosen membership. You can always go back after and save money on the other resources you wanted to buy, thanks to your new membership!
  • To get your membership’s included free resources, just add an applicable product to your basket. If you still have a quota of free resources available, applicable products in your basket will automatically have their price reduced to £0.00. Magic! You don't need to choose your free resources straight away – you can pick and choose at any time during the 12-month membership period.
  • Not sure how many included free schemes of work you have remaining? You can check in your Account Dashboard.
  • At the end of the year, we’ll email to let you know your membership has expired. Don’t worry – you won’t lose any of your orders; we’ll revert your account to a Pay As You Go membership, and you can choose to upgrade again at any time after that.

Schools can upgrade, too!

PlanBee memberships are for everyone, including our School Trade Account members. In fact, one of the main reasons we made Gold memberships was to help schools save money! Just log in to your PlanBee School Trade Account as usual, and you’ll be given the choice to upgrade to a Bronze, Silver or Gold School Trade Account. You’ll get all the same benefits and discounts as Standard Accounts, and you’ll still have the option to pay via invoice.

UPDATED 11th February 2019

We're very excited to announce that Platinum memberships are now available for the whole school (or just KS1/2) and include TOTALLY FREE ACCESS to the PlanBee catalog for the whole year! We believe these new, all-access memberships can truly transform the work-life balance for all teachers in your school, AND improve teaching and learning across both primary Key Stages.


NEW Platinum memberships offer schools complete, unlimited access to an entire Key Stage, or the WHOLE PlanBee catalogue! Perfect for year-round, time-saving planning for the entirety of a school's teaching staff.

Key Features:

  • From £695 for one year’s membership (does not automatically renew; starting price is for KS1 only)
  • Unlimited free downloads of KS1, KS2, or both Key Stage, resources
  • Personal support from one of our experienced resource creators

If you'd like to learn a little more about how Platinum membership could transform teaching and learning at your school, or if you have questions you'd like to ask before you buy, please get in contact:


Browse Platinum Memberships

If you'd like to ask me about any of our memberships, including new Platinum memberships, feel free to drop me a line or a DM over on Twitter @planbeebecky.

Becky Cranham is the founder and Lead Resource Creator at PlanBee.