Wacky Windmills

Year 1

Year 2


SKU: D12CS30001

Visit a variety of windmills around the world and encourage them to get their builder hats on with this 'Wacky Windmills' scheme of work for Year 1 and 2. Your class will explore different ways of making windmill bases and sails with classroom and craft materials, learning how to join materials together and make axles allowing sails to spin in the wind. They can then design, make and evaluate their own wacky windmill!

With lesson plans, informative and engaging slides, step-by-step instructions, differentiated worksheets and much more, this DT scheme of work is all you need to get your class building and testing model windmills.

This scheme of work is also part of a Topic BundlePerfect if you are teaching 'Weather' as a cross-curricular topic. 

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