Ratio, Percentages and Proportion

Year 6


SKU: M6CS41000

Develop a variety of strategies for solving challenging missing number ratio and proportion problems.

This Complete Series of five, Year 6 maths lessons clearly explain how to use 4-cell models to help visualise and solve missing number problems involving fractions, ratios and percentages.

There's loads of opportunities to practise and develop problem-solving skills: the slides included with each lesson show a variety of word problems, along with explanations of effective strategies for solving them.

There's even a whole lesson dedicated to using ratio to describe distances and read maps! It includes valuable, practical strategies for children to use outside the maths lesson, as well as preparing them for those tricky scale ratio problems that they'll encounter!

As with all PlanBee KS2 Maths lesson plans, there's also a choice of learning activities included: each lesson has a 3-way differentiated tasks and a fun, alternative activity which addresses the lesson's objectives in a slightly different way.
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