What are we remembering on Remembrance Day?

  • Year Group: 2
  • Key Stage: KS1

SKU: H2CS40140

Has your class ever stopped to wonder why so many people wear poppies in November? This is your chance to teach them as you work through this set of 5 informative lessons about Remembrance Day, its origins and its role today. They will find out about WWI, the armistice and the first Remembrance Day in 1919, as well as thinking about other ways in which we remember fallen soldiers today.

With five lessons, including lesson plans, informative slides, differentiated worksheets and activities, and many other resources, this KS1 'Remembrance Day' scheme of work for Year 2 is a great way to take some time to think about all those who have died for their country and provides everything you need to do so in an engaging and sensitive way.