Travel and Transport Topic

  • Year Groups: 1, 2
  • Key Stage: KS1

SKU: T12CS40120

Hop on board and prepare to blast off on an exciting adventure with this 'Travel and Transport' KS1 teaching idea and lesson plan. Your class will explore journeys of all kinds, including how people get around now and how they travelled in the past, all through a selection of fun, engaging and informative lessons and activities. From a walk around the school to the first trip to the moon, there is something for everyone in this creative cross-curricular topic for Year 1 and Year 2. **Teacher note: The History lessons within this topic are identical to the lessons in our 'Travel and Transport' history scheme of work.

Have you already purchased Travel and Transport (History) but wish to upgrade to this topic? You are eligible for a refund on the History scheme of work if you purchase this topic. Just contact us after your purchase.