Indian Art

  • Year Groups: 3, 4
  • Key Stage: KS2

SKU: A34CS40140

This scheme of work is also part of a Topic Bundle. Perfect if you are teaching 'India' as a cross-curricular topic. India: a country with diverse and fascinating religion, culture, art, theatre and festivals. Learn about the traditional Indian art in this 'Indian Art' scheme of work for KS2 children. Explore historic Indian paintings and how they have changed over time, then challenge children to refine their own painting skills by producing their own works of art. Learn how to create intricate Indian patterns with coloured felts, fine-tipped pens and block stamps, then use these patterns to make mehndi designs, create decorative elephants and make print on fabric. Learn about Diwali, the festival of colours, then get a little messy using coloured salt to create rangoli circles inspired by images of the festival!

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