World War 2: History | WW2 Rationing

Year 4

Year 5


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Download this WW2 Rationing KS2 History lesson to teach your Year 3/4 class all about rationing during the Second World War. Your Year 3/4 class will discover how much food people were allocated each week, as well as exploring other items that were rationed. They will also find out how people supplemented their diets with home-grown produce.

During their independent learning activities, they can explore WW2 rationing further for themselves. Alternatively, they can read an article from the Ministry of Food suggesting how people can create party food using their rations. How keen will your class be to try out some of the suggestions?!

This WW2 Rationing KS2 planning pack provides a lesson plan, slideshow, differentiated activity ideas and a range of printable resources - all you need to do is download, teach and enjoy learning about rationing with your class!
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