World War 2: History | WW2 Evacuation

Year 4

Year 5


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This WW2 Evacuation KS2 History planning pack will challenge your class to think about the experiences of WW2 evacuees and what it might have been like for evacuees to be separated from their families during World War 2. During the lesson, your Year 3/4 class will learn what evacuation was and why it was implemented before going on to consider what it would have been like to be sent away to the countryside and out of the dangerous cities during the war, using a range of primary sources to infer information.

During their independent learning, your class can then use adjectives to describe the experiences of WW2 evacuees, write a letter home to their families as if they were an evacuee, or weigh up the pros and cons of evacuation.

This WW2 Evacuation planning pack contains everything you need to deliver this fascinating lesson, including an easy-to-follow lesson plan, an engaging slideshow for the teaching input, differentiated activity ideas, and a range of printable resources.
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