World War 2: All GEOGRAPHY Lessons in Topic

Year 3

Year 4


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This WW2 Geography lesson pack contains a great World War 2 map activity that will help your Year 3 or Year 4 class identify which countries fought on which side during the Second World War. Perfect to embed some Geography learning into your World War 2 topic, this WW2 map activity lesson will challenge your class to identify the countries of the allies and axis powers, and where they are located on a world map. They will also be challenged to identify which continent each of these countries is in.

This World War 2 Geography lesson comes completely ready to download and teach to your KS2 class. There's a lesson plan, a teaching input slideshow, differentiated activity ideas and a range of worksheets and other printable resources to support your class as they carry out their WW2 map activities.
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