World War 2: All COMPUTING Lessons in Topic

Year 3

Year 4


SKU: T34JCS30002

This set of two WW2-themed Computing lessons are a great way to get some fun, engaging Computing lessons into your World War 2 topic. In the first lesson, your class will plan and create a multimedia presentation about a particular aspect of the war, while the second lesson teaches them what Morse code was, why it was invented and how it helped during WW2. They can then have a go at translating some Morse code messages for themselves!

Each of these two WW2 Computing lessons comes completely planned and ready for you to deliver to your class. There are lesson plans with differentiated activity ideas, plus an alternative activity, slideshow presentations for the teaching inputs, and a range of printable resources to support your Year 3 or Year 4 class as they carry out their independent learning activities.
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