World War 2: Geography | Which countries fought in WW2?

Year 3

Year 4


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Which countries fought in WW2? Where in the world are the allies and axis countries? Which continents are these countries in?

During this WW2 Geography lesson for KS2 children, your Year 3 or Year 4 class will find the answers to all of these questions. During the teaching input, they will learn which countries fought for the allies and axis powers amd start to locate them on a world map, identifying which continent these countries are in.

During their independent learning activities, they can then explore more allies and axis countries for themselves, finding out where they are and which continent they are in, or answer some tricky riddles to help them identify each of the allies and axis locations.

By the end of this lesson (which is completely planned and ready to deliver to your class – lesson plan, slides and worksheets included), your class will be able to state which countries fought in WW2 and identify where each of these countries is located on a world map.
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