What is PlanBee?

How is PlanBee different to other teaching resource providers?

The mission of PlanBee is to create prepared lessons that teachers can pick up and teach without having to spend hours of their own time planning. All PlanBee's resources are created as complete schemes of work which are meticulously matched to National Curriculum objectives and which come ready with everything you need to teach an engaging lesson.

Not only do PlanBee's lessons help individual teachers deliver whole schemes effortlessly but they also provide complete curricula for whole-school planning , designed specifically to ensure progression from Year 1 to Year 6, and to ensure that all necessary National Curriculum objectives are covered. For example, you can download a complete curriculum for Science  for your school which provides every Science lesson you need to teach from Year 1 all the way up to Year 6.

Whole school Science curriculum pack overview

Imagine how much time you and your colleagues could save a year with all that planning ready-prepared for you!

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What can I expect from a PlanBee lesson?

All PlanBee lessons come with a detailed lesson plan, a slideshow, differentiated activity ideas and a range of printable resources to support independent learning.

We think it's easier to show you than tell you, so why not check out all of these sample lessons ?

You can also find more free lessons and mini-schemes to try with your class here .


Before you download any PlanBee scheme, you can also check out an overview, like a medium-term plan, which shows exactly what is covered within each lesson in the scheme. Check out these examples for a KS1 Geography scheme or a LKS2 Art scheme.

Who creates PlanBee's schemes of work?

PlanBee is made up of a small team of experienced primary teachers. As a general rule, each Resource Creator will create a chosen scheme from start to finish, fleshing out the lessons plans and then creating the slides and printable resources for each lesson. It takes a worker bee at least a week, often two, to create a whole six-lesson scheme; ensuring that each lesson is engaging, challenging and accessible takes a lot of time, thought and hard work. Learn more about us .

The PlanBee Team Assembled!

How does it work?

All PlanBee's resources are provided as downloadable PDFs. Simply search the library, add the planning you would like to your basket and check out. Once your purchase has gone through, the resources are available to download immediately from your PlanBee account.

Can I get a subscription?

We offer individual teachers a selection of membership options which offer free schemes and permanent discounts for a year. 

We also provide an all-access Platinum Membership  for schools. These provide complete access to the whole PlanBee library for your school for a whole year. Contact us to find out more.


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