'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Year 2


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These KS1 'Twas the Night Before Christmas lesson plans and activities for Year 2 contain seven ready-to-teach lessons themed around this classic narrative poem. Explore and discuss the story that the poem tells as well as investigating some of the figurative and poetic devices which are used in the poem.

In this Year 2 poetry planning pack, your Year 2 class will be challenged find patterns in the rhymes and syllables of the poem as well as identifying noun phrases and similes throughout the story. Consolidate the children's knowledge by writing a simple list poem using similes to describe St. Nicholas and challenge them to write a poem inspired by C. Moore's classic Christmas poem.

This set of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas lesson plans comes fully prepared and ready for you to deliver to your class. There are plans, slideshows and handy printable resources to support their 'Twas the Night Before Christmas activities.
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