The Tudors: Geography | Tudor Explorers

Year 3

Year 4


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Explore the world of Tudor travel with this Tudor Explorers KS2 Geography lesson for Year 3 & Year 4 children. Your class will find out all about the fascinating period of discovery during the Tudor period as explorers such as Walter Raleigh and Christohper Columbus took to the seas to discover new lands.

The included slideshow presentation for the teaching input introduces your class to the idea that Tudors didn't have the same understanding of the globe as we have today. They will then meet some famous Tudor explorers (Christopher Columbus, Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh), exploring how their travels contriuted to an understanding of the world.

During their independent learning, there is then a choice of several activities – children can either plot the route of the Tudor explorers on a world map, or use a variety of sources to answer questions.
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