The Rainforest: All DT Lessons in Topic

Year 3

Year 4


SKU: T34JCS40405

Download these DT Rainforest lessons to give your Year 3 or Year 4 children two fun Design & Technology projects to undertake as part of their Rainforest cross-curricular topic. Your class are challenged firstly to use fabric to create colourful poison dart frog bean bags, then to create an information poster about the rainforest that includes moving parts.

Both of the DT Rainforest planning packs come with everything you need to deliver the lessons (apart from physical materials!) including lesson plans with three-way differentiation, slideshows for the teaching input (both with a set of photos to model the methods and processes) and a range of printable resources to support children as they design, make and evaluate their DT rainforest projects.
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