The Mayans Topic

  • Year Groups: 3, 4
  • Key Stage: KS2

SKU: T34CS40200

Uncover the mysteries of the Maya with this fascinating 'Mayans' cross-curricular topic for KS2. Start by taking a trip deep into the rainforests of Central America as you explore Mayan ruins and from there embark on a journey that will help you uncover the life, society and civilisation of both ancient and modern Mayans. This cross-curricular topic contains seventeen individual lessons across five subject areas. Each lesson contains a detailed lesson plan, engaging slides, differentiated worksheets and many other resources, including pictures, games and quizzes, leaving you free to enjoy the adventure with your class. **Teacher note: The History lessons within this topic are identical to the lessons in our History 'Mayans' scheme of work.

Have you already purchased The Mayans (History) but wish to upgrade to the topic? You are eligible for a refund on the History scheme of work if you purchase this topic. Just contact us after your purchase.