The Changing Role of Women

Year 5

Year 6


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Journey through the ages as your class explore the changing roles and rights of women from ancient times to today with this engaging and topical scheme of work for Year 5 and Year 6. From the law of coverture to modern maternity employment law, this ‘The Changing Role of Women’ scheme will give your class a valuable overview of the ways in which women have been oppressed and the ways in which they have fought for equality, including the militant campaigns of the suffragettes and second-wave feminism of the 1970s.

Containing detailed lesson plans, engaging slideshow presentations, differentiated activities and a range of printable resources, these KS2 History lessons are completely ready to go, meaning you can teach them straight away without the need to spend hours on your own planning. All you need to do is be prepared from some lively debates and discussions!
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