World War 2: History | The Blitz

Year 4

Year 5


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This The Blitz KS2 History lesson gives your class the chance to learn all about the Blitz and how it affected Britain. The lesson starts by showing photographs of the devastation caused by the Blitz, asking children to consider what they think might have happened and why. The slideshow presentation then gives your class a brief overview of what the Blitz was and why it happened.

During your children's independent learning activities, they can then express their understanding of the Blitz and how it affected people in a variety of ways, including written descriptions and poetry.

This Blitz KS2 planning pack comes completely prepared and ready to teach – there's a lesson plan with differentiated activity ideas, a slideshow for the teaching input, and a range of printable resources to support children as they consider the effects of the Blitz independently.
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