Alfred Nobel

  • Year Groups: 5, 6
  • Key Stage: KS2

SKU: SP56CS40100

Discover the explosive history of Alfred Nobel: inventor of dynamite! As well describing the life and achievements of the Swedish inventor, business man and writer, the included slides include questions for children to consider throughout, including thinking about why Nobel and his work were considered to be controversial by many.

As well as opportunities to debate ideas and write at length, this Complete Series for upper Key Stage 2 children includes a practical activity, too – where children will have to work scientifically as they conduct shock resistance tests.

Nobel, a dedicated scientist, felt conflicted about his career developing explosives, and planned for the Nobel prizes to be created after his death. In the third lesson of this Complete Series, children will learn all about the creation of the prizes and the reasons they are awarded.

Each lesson includes a plan, slides, a choice of activities and a range of printable resources.