Christmas Journeys: Shepherds of the Nativity

Year 4


SKU: R4IL30043

Your Year 4 class will be introduced the shepherds of the nativity in this lesson as they continue to read the Christmas story from the point of view of different characters. In the last lesson, they explored how Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem, where baby Jesus was then born. In this lesson, your KS2 class will the read the next part of the story, finding out about the angels' visit to the shepherds. They will consider what the life of a shepherd is like, as well as considering why this is an important part of the nativity story.

This Shepherds of the Nativity lesson is completely ready for you to deliver to your Year 4 class. There is a lesson plan with differentiated activity ideas, a slideshow for the teaching input, and a range of printable resources to support your class as they carry out their independent learning activities.
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