Rocks, Fossils and Soils

Year 3


SKU: S3CS30008

Dig deep and unearth a fascinating world below ground with this rocks and soils KS2 planning pack for Year 3. Your class will learn so much about rocks and soils, and the fossils that can be found buried deep in the ground with this set of seven ready-to-teach Year 3 Science lessons. As part of their learning, your class will find out about different kinds of rocks and what they can be used for, explore a variety of soils and find out how they are formed, discover the fascinating world of fossils, as well as undertaking a variety of experiments to get their Science skills rock solid!

This soils, fossils and rocks Year 3 scheme of work contains seven detailed lesson plans, slideshows for each and every lesson, differentiated activity ideas and a wide range of printable worksheets and resources - all you need to do is download, teach and watch your class evolve into budding geologists!

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