Tombs, Torches and Timekeepers

Year 3


SKU: S3CS40100

Teach your class everything they need to know to cover the ‘Light’ strand of the Year 3 Science curriculum all through the context of ancient Egypt! Your class will explore dark tombs and consider why nothing can be seen without light, use mirrors to help soldiers guarding a pyramid to see around corners, compare ancient Egyptian beliefs in the sun god Ra to modern explanations of the Sun, find out how obelisks were used to tell the time, and much more!

This ‘Tombs, Torches and Timekeepers’ covers all the same material from our ‘Light and Shadow’ scheme of work but is themed to fit in with your ancient Egyptian topic.

This scheme of work is also part of a Topic BundlePerfect if you are teaching 'Egypt' as a cross-curricular topic. 

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