Tales of Ancient Egypt: Narrative | Retelling A Story

Year 3


SKU: E3IL80203

This Retelling a Story lesson plan and accompanying printable resources is perfect to get your KS2 class confident in retelling fairy tales and other familiar stories.

Use the included teaching input slides to share some traditional fairy tales with your class and discuss the main events and characters in each story. Give your children the opportunity to discuss how we can use storyboards and story maps to help retell the most important events and characters in a story. Alternatively, get them up out of their seats and using drama to retell the story, pausing to freeze frame, photograph and discuss important events in the story.

This Retelling a Story lesson plan pack will have your KS2 children putting an ancient Egyptian twist on a familiar story or fairy tale – and it's all ready and waiting for you to download and teach!
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