The Rainforest: All GEOGRAPHY Lessons in Rainforest Topic

Year 3

Year 4


SKU: T34JCS40401

Take a trek into the depths of the jungle with these Rainforest KS2 Geography lessons as your Year 3 or Year 4 children explore the geography of the rainforests. Your class will explore where rainforests are located in the world, what the different layers of the rainforest are like, who lives in rainforests and much more, all through a variety of engaging resources and activities that are prepped and ready to turn your class into rainforest geography experts!

This Rainforest KS2 Geography planning pack comes fully prepared with everything you need to deliver the lessons, including detailed lesson plans, presentations for each lesson, differentiated activity ideas and a range of printable worksheets and resources. With everything ready to download and teach, you can just sit back and enjoy watching your class get immersed in their Rainforest topic!
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