Programming Pioneers

Year 5

Year 6


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Have you ever wondered how the electrical products all around us work? Challenge children to consider this and many other questions about computer-controlled products as they discover how simple computer systems may be constructed and programmed to make products work.

Your learners will focus on designing, developing, testing and prototyping computer-controlled electronic systems for rooms such as motion-sensor activated alarms, door buzzer entry systems or even ‘smart home’ automatic lights! While the lessons in this Complete Series are designed for you to use with your school’s Raspberry Pis and the free Scratch 2 programming software, all of the activities can be adapted to work with whatever physical computing resources you have.

Every lesson comes with highly detailed teacher’s notes which explain how to prepare and use electronic components and the child-friendly Scratch programming software. The notes also include additional background information about how various electronic components work and a range of printable help cards and safety information which you can share with your children.

As well as working with electronic components and computer programming software, your children will learn all about influential computer scientists through history who have shaped the world around us. Not only that, but there are opportunities to make prototype models using DT materials OR 3-D CAD software to help develop ideas or to give inspirational product demonstrations!

Please note that these lessons are designed primarily for use with Raspberry Pi computers or PiTops, and the free programming software, Scratch. Some prior experience teaching computing is helpful, too!

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