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Get unlimited access to the entire PlanBee library for your whole school for a year with NEW Platinum memberships. Download everything from individual lessons to long-term curriculum packs, all with no additional charges and with everything you download being permanently available in your centralised PlanBee account. 

We've had a lot of requests over the years for an all-access membership for schools...and now we have one! We're really excited to launch this brand new Platinum membership, giving unlimited access to all PlanBee's prepared planning – we're confident that becoming a Platinum PlanBee member will not only mean redressing the work-life balance of the teachers in your school but also improving the quality of teaching and learning. Each PlanBee lesson is meticulously planned and prepared, meaning they can be picked up and taught straight away (although you can, of course, tweak them to suit the needs of individual learners too).

Imagine how much time you could save knowing that all your planning is already done for you! Actually, you don't have to imagine...become a Platinum member today and see for yourself how much it transforms the lives of the teachers in your school. 

So how does it work? 

Just add the Platinum product to your basket, check out and you will instantly have the whole PlanBee library at your fingertips. 

Contact us to find out more, including how to set up a school trade account so you can pay via invoice.


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