Parts and Percentages

Year 6


SKU: M6CS40900

Equip your class with the skills to tackle tricky ratio and proportion problems! Over the course of the five lessons in this 'Parts and Percentages' Complete Series, children will learn how to use straightforward mathematical models and algorithms to find ratios of given amounts and solve 'missing number' word problems where they'll have to scale ratios up and down. That's not all that's covered, though: Your class will also build on their understanding of percentages as they pick apart word problems and find the values of given percentages. Finally, the included slides show, in simple steps, how to solve problems involving increasing and decreasing amounts by given percentages.

With each lesson, there's a choice of activities including games, practical measuring and checking challenges and individual/group activities, as well as a set of slides, a detailed lesson plan and a range of printable resources.
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