Using Subtraction and Addition

  • Year Group: 6
  • Key Stage: KS2

SKU: M6CS40700

Build up children's speed, accuracy and confidence as they practise solving addition and subtraction calculations using a variety of mental and written methods.

Each included lesson focuses on a different aspect of addition and subtraction calculations, such as rounding and adjusting when adding mentally, using equal addition when subtracting, estimating by rounding and learning strategies for finding answers to calculations resulting in negative numbers.

There are plenty of opportunities for children to look closely at the numbers involved in a calculation and decide on the most appropriate methods accordingly. There's also a number of word problems and 'real-world' scenarios where children can apply what they've learned and consider whether an estimated answer, in some contexts, is acceptable. There's even a number of games and pairs/group challenges included – they're the perfect way to consolidate your class's learning and help them increase the speed and accuracy of their calculations!