Maths Test & Assessment Worksheets

Flexible Maths test and assessment activities for KS2

Every school has its own approach to tracking and monitoring learning, which is why we've created these extremely flexible and easy to use Maths Test & Assessment Worksheets for KS2. Each year group pack includes lots of worksheets, each one covering a single Maths objective. All National Curriculum objectives for KS2 Maths are covered.

Want to know more about how you can use PlanBee Maths Test & Assessment Worksheets in your school? Read more below…

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  • KS2 Maths Assessment

    KS2 Maths Assessment

    Year 3

    Year 4

    Year 5

    Year 6


    Download these handy Maths assessments, covering every National Curriculum Maths objective from Year 3 to Year 6. Each objective has a page of assessments to check your children's understanding and grasp of each concept. Suitable to use as a form... Read More


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  • Year 6 Maths Assessment

    This Year 6 Maths Assessment pack is designed to assess your children's understanding of every single one of the Year 6 Maths objectives in the new curriculum (2014). It provides a fun, flexible way to assess pupils' confidence in each area of the Ma... Read More

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How PlanBee Maths Test & Assessment Worksheets can help you and your school

Monitoring Maths learning is easier with PlanBee Maths Test & Assessment Worksheets


In June 2019, we finally released a whole year’s worth of Maths planning for Key Stages 1 and 2, including discounted Curriculum Packs for schools with everything needed to comprehensively cover all of the National Curriculum objectives. We truly believe they can transform Maths learning in schools, and hundreds of schools and teachers are already using them successfully with their children. You can find out more about them here.

Now, to supplement these resources, we’ve released Maths Test & Assessment Worksheets! There’s one set per year group, and they’re stuffed full of calculations, problems and puzzles you can hand to your children and use to track their Maths learning. Each pack includes assessment materials for every single Maths objective for that year group; they're super-flexible, allowing you to save loads of time AND easily integrate them into your existing assessment framework!

Here’s our guide to our new Maths Test & Assessment Worksheets:


What do I get?

  • A set of single-page Maths test/assessment worksheets – one per Maths National Curriculum Objective
  • Full coverage of all objectives for every Maths programme of study in KS2
  • Full-colour sheets, PLUS ink/toner-saving black & white versions
  • Easy-to-read answers
  • An 'objective tracker' – every objective in a single document, with space for you to note children's grades or progress


What do they look like?

Like this:

A labelled example of a PlanBee Maths Test & Assessment Worksheet


How should I use them?

We’ve made Maths Test & Assessment Worksheets flexible, so you can use them however you want! There’s no specified marking system, just a space on every sheet for you to write notes or enter marks based on your existing grading/assessment framework.

The answer sheets look the same as the example above, but with answers written in the spaces on the sheet. That way you can either mark them yourself or hand out answers to help children mark their own work!

As for when you use them, that’s up to you, too. We think they’re perfect for a variety of assessment types:

  • Baseline assessment or benchmarking.
  • End-of-week tests – after a week’s learning focusing on a particular objective.
  • Summative assessment – either at the end of a half-term or term or if you teach Maths by strand, at the end of your teaching sequence.
  • Children’s self-tests: print out several sets and put them somewhere that children can grab them when they feel ready to test themselves!


Time-saving, flexible resources you can use however you like!

Of course, these Maths Assessment Packs are great for, you know, assessing learning, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in a variety of time-saving ways! We got a bit excited thinking about the ways teachers could use them to save themselves time spent planning:

  • Give them out for homework! With one sheet per objective, there’s enough to keep them busy every week!
  • Starters! Display a sheet on your interactive whiteboard. Challenge individuals or pairs to come up and write their answers in.
  • Extension activities! Keep a set printed out to hand to children who’ve finished everything you had planned for them and still finish before everyone else.
  • Check if learning has ‘stuck’: Give out sheets one week, two weeks or even later after teaching an objective. See if children’s Maths learning has ‘stuck’ – do they remember what to do?


We’re sure you’ll think of other ways to use these handy resources, too!