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Free Maths Lessons – try PlanBee Maths for free

These free Maths lessons are a great way to try PlanBee primary Maths planning packs in your classroom. They include everything you get in all our other Maths packs, including plans, slides and a range of differentiated resources such as games, questions, word problems, investigations, free Maths worksheets and quizzes.

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  • FREE Sample Lesson: Coin Conundrum

    Is your class ready to solve a coin conundrum? In this fun, engaging lesson, children will learn how to use their reasoning skills to solve puzzles involving money. In the main activity, they are challenged to work out where to put coins on a grid in... Read More

  • FREE Sample Lesson: Target Number Challenge

    This one-off Maths lesson is a great way of helping your class use what they know about number and calculations to solve problems. They will be given a target number and a set of four digits which they have to use in a variety of ways to form calcula... Read More

  • FREE Sample Lesson: Let's Find Missing Numbers

    Is your class ready to solve missing number sequences and find missing numbers? In this free engaging lesson, children will practise ordering numbers, spotting sequences and working out the missing numbers. They will have the opportunity to apply the... Read More

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