Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

  • Year Group: 6
  • Key Stage: KS2

SKU: M6CS46000

There’s a load of learning packed into these lessons, where children will develop the skills they need to become masters of manipulation – when it comes to converting fractions, decimals and percentages, that is!
This Complete Series includes five sets of plans, presentations and printable resources dedicated to: finding equivalent fractions (including simplifying fractions); converting fractions to decimals; converting decimals to fractions; sorting, ordering and comparing fractions; and multiplying decimal numbers.

To keep things varied, there’s much more than just worksheets included: there’s a variety of practical challenges, games and quizzes, too. And don’t forget: as with virtually all other PlanBee resources, there are free overviews and assessment grids (below; click to download) – they’re perfect to help you track children’s learning during these lessons, and plan for how they fit into your Year 6 Maths curriculum.

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