Light and Sound Topic

Year 3

Year 4


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Packed full of exciting lessons and activities, these KS2 science primary resources 'Light and Sound' lessons are the perfect way to delve into a new cross-curricular topic with your class. With lessons across a range of subjects, your children will have the chance to improve their scientific, technological, artistic and musical knowledge of light and sound, and enjoy themselves as they do so! Designed for Year 3/4 but easily adaptable for other age ranges, this 'Light and Sound' cross-curricular topic is great for any KS2 class to develop their knowledge of everything relating to light and sound. **Teacher note: The Science lessons within this topic are identical to the lessons in our Science Light and Shadow scheme of work.

Have you already purchased Light and Shadow but wish to upgrade to the topic? You are eligible for a refund on the Science scheme of work if you purchase this topic. Just contact us after your purchase.


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