Titanic: Art | How to Draw the Titanic

Year 5

Year 6


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Teach your KS2 class how to draw the Titanic using perspective in their artwork with this ready-to-teach Art lesson for Year 5 & Year 6. The included slideshow presentation explores what perspective in art is and how they can use vanishing points and construction lines to give their drawings a sense of depth.

They can then put these skills to the test as they draw the Titanic using the techniques they have just learnt about. They can also construct a model of the Titanic from a 3-D net and use this to create some tricky perspective photography!

Everything you need to teach this Art lesson is included in this lesson pack, including a lesson plan, slideshow, differentiated activity ideas and a range of handy printable resources. So, if you want to teach your class how to draw the Titanic, you've come to the right place!
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