World War 2: History | How did WW2 start?

Year 4

Year 5


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How did WW2 start? The first lesson in this History series gives your KS2 class all the background they will need to understand how and why World War 2 started. It introduces the main world leaders of the time and examines which countries fought on which side, all of which will help to put their understanding of WW2 into context for future lessons.

The included slideshow presentation for the teaching input guides your class through key facts giving a broad overview of where, when and why WW2 happened. During their independent learning tasks, they can then consider what they know about WW2 already and what they would like to find out during this course of lessons. There is also the option of going on an information hunt to find the answers to questions about WW2.

This 'How did WW2 start?' KS2 History lesson comes completely planned and ready to deliver. It's the perfect way to introduce this thought-provoking yet engaging topic to your class.
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