The Indus Valley

  • Year Group: 4
  • Key Stage: KS2

SKU: H4CS40100

Take your class to the Indus Valley and learn about the advanced civilisation that developed there thousands of years ago. You will find out where the civilisation developed, what their achievements included, and how their society interacted with other civilisations. You will also compare the Indus Valley civilisation with Bronze Age Britain and discover how settlements in Britain at this time compared with Indus Valley settlements. You will investigate the evidence left behind by the Indus Valley civilisation and discuss your theories on why it declined and vanished.

With lesson plans, informative and engaging slides, differentiated worksheets, fun activities, pictures and more, these 'Indus Valley' lessons for Year 4 provide everything you need to immerse your class in this culture and give them an understanding of this period in history.

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