Florence Nightingale

  • Year Group: 2
  • Key Stage: KS1

SKU: H2CS40110

Meet Florence Nightingale, one of Britain's most famous historical figures, with this series of six KS1 'Florence Nightingale' history lessons for Year 2. Find out about her remarkable life as you journey through lessons about her youth, her famous voyage to Scutari and the work she did there, as well as the work she did in her later years to improve nursing and hospital care.

These KS1 'Florence Nightingale' lessons provide everything you need to teach this fascinating scheme of work, including lesson plans, informative slides, differentiated worksheets and activities, and much more. We've done it all so you can just enjoy discovering 'the lady with the lamp' with your class and help them learn about one of Britain's most treasured heroines.


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