What can we find out about ancient Egypt?

  • Year Groups: 3, 4
  • Key Stage: KS2

SKU: H34CS40160

Journey back to the land of the Pharaohs and discover the fascinating world of ancient Egyptian history. These KS2 'Ancient Egypt' lesson plans offer a world of information, fun activities and creative teaching ideas. Take your class back to ancient Egypt and learn about: the River Nile and its role in ancient life; Tutankhamen and the story of his tomb discovery; the grisly process of mummification; the pyramids; daily life in ancient Egypt; the importance of remaining artefacts; and much, much more.

This collection of 7 lessons includes everything you need to bring the ancient civilisation of the ancient Egyptians back to life, including slides, differentiated worksheets, teaching resources, activity ideas, games and more.

This scheme of work is also part of a Topic BundlePerfect if you are teaching 'Egypt' as a cross-curricular topic. 


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