Hindus Home and Mandir

  • Year Group: 4
  • Key Stage: KS2

SKU: R4CS30004

This challenging scheme of work for Year 4 explores some central Hindu beliefs and explains some of the ways in which these are reflected in Hindu worship at home and in the mandir. Your class will have the opportunity to learn about the aum symbol and what it represents, find out about some of the characteristics of Hindu gods and goddesses, explore shrines and how they are used in worship, and much more.

Each lesson includes a detailed lesson plan with a choice of differentiated learning activities, a high-resolution slide show presentation and a range of printable resources. There’s even a collection of images and videos on PlanBee’s YouTube and Pinterest boards which you can be used to support children’s learning and to study Hindu worship in even greater detail.

Please note: This Complete Series of lessons was previously called ‘How and why do Hindus celebrate at home and in the mandir?’. If you have previously purchased any of these lessons, updated versions can be re-downloaded from your PlanBee account at any time.