Why did Henry VIII marry six times?

Year 3

Year 4


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Explore the famous story of the six wives of Henry VIII in Tudor Britain with this complete ready-to-teach scheme of work. Find out when the Tudors came to power at the Battle of Bosworth and introduce your class to the Tudor family. Learn the story behind each of the wives of Henry VIII, whether they died, were executed, divorced or whether they lived to tell the tale. Find out about Henry VIII himself - what he was like, his character, temperament and appearance - and what his motivations behind each marriage were. This fascinating module will soon get your class debating Henry's motives and improving their historical skills. This series of seven lessons provides everything you need transport your class to the court of Henry VIII, including lesson plans, slides, activity ideas, differentiated worksheets, pictures and an End of Unit Quiz. For further lessons on the Tudors check out our 'Tudors' cross-curricular topic.

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