Graphs and Diagrams

Year 5


SKU: M5CS30012

Teach children to read, interpret and create line graphs – and use the information presented in line graphs to solve a variety of comparison, sum and difference problems.

These five 'Graphs & Diagrams' lesson planning packs for Year 5 focus on presenting data in a variety of ways, including using line graphs. Your class will develop their data handling skills as they learn how and why line graphs are used, how to create line graphs and points accurately. They'll develop skills for interpreting line graphs, including those with multiple sets of data shown.

The five detailed lesson plans each come with slides which explain how to read, interpret and construct graphs, and give examples of real-life graphs and data sets for children to work with. Each lesson also comes with a choice of differentiated learning activities where your pupils can apply what they've learnt using the line graph worksheets, activity cards, games and other supporting resources.
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