Getting the most from PlanBee

NEW JULY 2019: Download a range of sample lessons for every subject . With these samples, you'll get a clear idea of what's included with PlanBee lesson planning packs.


Download the free overviews

Each PlanBee scheme of work comes with a free overview, like a medium-term plan, that shows: 
  • the learning objective for each lesson
  • a brief description of what the children will learn and do in each lesson
  • the three assessment questions for each lesson
  • the resources needed, including those provided by PlanBee (such as challenge cards or information sheets) and those you will need to source yourself (such as equipment for Science experiments) 
You can find these free overviews in the 'Free Additional Resources' tab on each product page.
Exploring Everyday Materials Overview

Download the free assessment grids

Each PlanBee scheme of work also has an editable assessment grid which lists each assessment question from the lessons and provides a flexible way to keep track of progress and understanding. 

Type children's names directly into the fields and choose a method of recording whether or not they have achieved each point. You could use a simple Y/N system or come up with your own system to show whether they have achieved, are near achieving or have exceeded the learning point. It's totally flexible. 

Along with the overviews mentioned above, you will find these assessment grids in the 'Free Additional Resources' tab on the product pages.

The USA Geography Assessment Grid


 Search by National Curriculum objectives

If there is a particular objective that you need to cover, you can use our Curriculum Objective Checker to show you which of our schemes of work cover that objective. 

Each National Curriculum objective is listed – all you need to do is click the one you want to focus on and it will show you the relevant schemes of work that cover that particular objective.

Explore the Curriculum Objective Checker

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As well as our Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships for individual teachers, we also have an all-access Platinum membership for schools which gives unlimited access to the complete PlanBee library for a year; perfect if you want to improve the work-life balance of teachers at your school whilst also delivering high-quality learning experiences effortlessly.

Download our Curriculum Packs  or pick and choose your own curriculums so that all the planning is covered across a range of subjects. Imagine how much time your teaching staff could save on planning with all those ready-to-teach schemes at their fingertips!

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Download hundreds of FreeBees

PlanBee provides hundreds of FreeBees, including writing frames, display packs, puzzles, time-fillers and much more, to help support you in the classroom. 

Just browse the collection , add them to your basket and check out without spending a penny.

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