Let’s Explore London

  • Year Groups: 1, 2
  • Key Stage: KS1

SKU: G12CS41000

Take a trip to one of the most famous cities in the world as you and your Year 1/2 class explore London! This great scheme of work has six complete lessons to help your class find out more about London, including its location, geographical features and famous landmarks. Through photographs, information, questioning and fun activities, your class will soon be as familiar with London as any Londoner!

Containing six detailed lesson plans, a set of slides for each lesson, as well as a variety of engaging and colourful printable resources, this KS1 ‘Let’s Explore London’ scheme is completely ready for you to teach and enjoy with your class.

This scheme of work is also part of a Topic Bundle. Perfect if you are teaching 'The Great Fire of London' as a cross-curricular topic.

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