Let's go to the Arctic: Geography

Year 1

Year 2


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Journey to the Arctic and explore one of the coldest places on Earth with this engaging and informative scheme of work 'Let's go to the Arctic' aimed at KS1 classes. Your class will use world maps, globes, aerial pictures and more to investigate the Arctic Circle and what it has to offer. They will explore the seven main countries that feature in the Arctic Circle: Greenland, Alaska, Canada, Norway, Finland, Russia and Sweden. Children will have opportunities to see images of what life is like in the Arctic and what the climate and weather conditions are. They will also investigate the physical and human features found in towns and cities in the Arctic, explore the interesting animals found in these areas, compare Arctic towns and cites with those in the UK and lots, lots more!

This scheme of work is also part of a Classic Cross-Curricular Topic.

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