Investigating India

  • Year Groups: 3, 4
  • Key Stage: KS2

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India! Sacred rivers, towering mountains, ever-changing climate, rich culture, beautiful temples and bustling cities. This 'Investigating India' scheme of work for KS2 children will have your class mesmerised by the true essence of India. Give your class the opportunity to investigate India’s climate and physical geography with the detailed maps and resources provided in this scheme of work. These will help your class understand the complex Indian environment. Your children will explore the major mountains and rivers that dictate India’s population and climate patterns, locate major cities in India and investigate the human and physical features found there. How are they different to your class's home towns? The children will compare and contrast India to the United Kingdom with the use of detailed image cards and clear maps and photos.

This scheme of work has everything you need to teach your class about India, including lesson plans, slideshow presentations and a range of printables, and is sure to have your class engrossed in this fascinating country.