Fashion and Textiles

Year 5

Year 6


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Take a look at how textiles are used in the fashion industry, then challenge children to design, cut, stitch and decorate a stylish drawstring bag.

'Fashion and Textiles' is a complete, ready-to-teach Design and technology scheme of work for KS2 children (Year 5/6). It includes six lessons with detailed planning, slides, worksheets, pattern pieces and a range of printable resources to support learning.

Over the course of this series of lessons, your pupils will learn how cotton cloth is manufactured, then go on to look at how textiles like this are used to make clothes and other items. As they learn about the design and manufacturing processes of the fashion industry, they'll also develop their own skills designing and making a fashionable product of their own: a hand- or machine-stitched drawstring bag!

These lessons are ideal to teach in sequence and will help get your class confident with sewing, but every lesson also includes a standalone, alternative activity – ideal if you only want to teach one or two lessons.

This scheme of work is designed to address a number of Design and Technology KS2 National Curriculum objectives. By the end of this KS2 DT unit, pupils will have developed designs by sketching, discussing and using pattern pieces. They will have developed their cutting, joining and finishing skills – and evaluated their finished products.
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