Earth and Space

Year 5


SKU: S5CS30002

This Earth and Space Year 5 planning pack provides you with everything you need to meet the NC Science objectives for the Earth and Space topic. The detailed and engaging lesson slides for each lesson provide you with interesting topics for discussion with your KS2 class, including the movement of the Sun, Earth and Moon, day and night, seasons and phases of the Moon.
The printable resources for each lesson provide your class with the opportunity for independent and group work to develop their working scientifically skills within this fascinating topic, such as making detailed observations of shadows throughout the day when investigating the Sun's apparent movement across the sky.
The differentiated activity ideas and worksheets provided in this six-lesson Earth and Space KS2 planning pack mean your class will effectively demonstrate their understanding of this Science topic in many different ways such as model building, report writing, explanation texts and diagrams.
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