Difficult Division

Year 6


SKU: M6CS10080

This Difficult Division Year 6 planning pack teaches your KS2 children how to solve and check division calculations using a number of written methods, including: expressing remainders as fractions and decimals; short division; long division; an 'ad hoc' (chunking) method. They will practise using these methods with a range of challenging activities including word problems, calculation mazes, investigations and puzzles!

With carefully sequenced lessons to build on their knowledge and understanding of different division methods, this Difficult Division Year 6 Maths scheme of work is completely ready for you to download and teach, so you don't need to do any prep to deliver thorough and challenging division lessons to your class.

Each lesson has an easy-to-follow lesson plan, a slideshow for the teaching input that clearly goes through each step of the various division methods and gives plenty of opportunities for practise, differentiated activity ideas, and a range of printable teaching resources.
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