Describing Dinosaurs

Year 1


SKU: E1CS90100

This themed dinosaur writing activities KS1 planning pack challenges your Year 1 class to describe a dinosaur using their knowledge and understanding of adjectives.

After being introduced to adjectives as describing words, your class will have the opportunity to build these words into noun phrases describing the different dinosaur pictures included in the resources of this ready-to-use five-lesson pack. They will build their descriptions into full sentences after using the engaging lesson slides to discuss the use and formation of capital letters as well as full stops at the end of a sentence.

The dinosaur activities described in these lessons give your Year 1 class plenty of opportunities to verbalise their ideas and rehearse their writing orally before they write their descriptions of dinosaurs. Finally, the children will be challenged to use the adjectives they have investigated throughout this scheme of work to begin to compare different dinosaurs using the suffix '-er'.
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